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The group was formed in 1997 by youth wanting positive outlets in the community. The group started small and developed into a weekly dance group that performed at community events. We eventually branched out nationally performing with groups such as; Brule, Robert Mirabal, and Red Power Squad.

AkaMya promotes healthy lifestyles for the youth and is Drug and Alcohol Free.

The group is currently developing plans for a Native Dance Studio which will be built within the Big Pine Community. This facility will be dedicated to the teaching of indigenous dance styles. This will also give the group a consistent location to develop ongoing projects and give youth a safe healthy place to learn and continue the culture of our people.

We are looking for support in this endeavor, and will be announcing upcoming efforts to make this dream a reality.


As role models to the youth, AkaMya dedicates itself to a lifestyle of wellness and sobriety. Through action and example, we live our lives in a good way so that the youth see native adults in their community  strong and dedicated to the culture, traditions, people, and teachings of our ancestors.


“Honoring our past by teaching the future.”













AkaMya also works with multimedia projects ranging from audio, video and photography . The group has produced over 65 YouTube Videos, released over 6 independent Native American Flute CDs, and created print art which has been distributed throughout the local community for events such as Native American Heritage Month.

Our videos can be found under the groups YoutTube channel "DigitalNdn". These videos showcase up and coming native arists, musicians, events important to native people, and contemporary lifestyles within contemporary society.

We also work with local prevention programs to produce PSA's for radio and internet.

You can view and purchase our DVDs, CDs and other items at the online shop link here.

You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube for ongoing activities. Click links here.















Services AkaMya Provides


Workshop Facilitators


Cultural Exchange Programs


Native American Cultural Presentations


School Assemblies


Youth Dance DJ services


Lighting and Sound


Cultural Dance Programs, Dance Classes


Flute Playing,


Event MC


Multimedia Services


PSA Production


Youth Mentorship


Music and Video Production


Video Recording/Editing

Margaret L. Romero Studio Space

Meeting/Planning Space

Recording Booth

Animation Services

Radio/Podcast Program Recording

Artist Residency









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